Ceramics, Spray Cans, and Sculptures

Ian has been creating sculptural artwork for most of his life. Throughout his ten year career with ceramics his sculptural works ranged from functional pottery to massive installations with hundreds of forms. The multiplicity elements of his aesthetic have lead him to working with the very forms he has interacted with the most in the ten years after his ceramic period, spray paint cans. He weaves the empty cans into large tapestries with the forms stacked on their sides. When looking at the works from this angle, the viewer associates primarily with the colored discs on top of the cans signifying the color, and how as artists we see the cans on the ground. People are often captivated by the “pixelation” or confused by the orentation, mistaking the forms for wine bottles, skateboard wheels, or flashlights.

Ian plans to “fire up” his studio with some new kilns and get his hands back into clay, so look for some of those spay paint cans to be porcelain in early 2016.