Sutro Baths: San Francisco

Working in familiar places can open one to new ideas and make way for experimentation. 

This work was the first sand drawing I had done in months, following a period of spiritual and professional confusion.  I want the power of this work to be self evident, but also functional. I spent a lot of time trying to conjure ways to make these more than just pretty pictures. But this work was different, it taught me that in the moment, the most important thing I can do is the work itself. Trying too hard to fit the images into campaigns or activations ended up stopping their production before it began. 

When I was raking on this particular morning at Sutro Baths, I remembered a lesson that I learned as an undergrad at CSULB in the ceramics department. It was pretty simple; just get back to work! Make good work, and the rest will follow.  Others will come with ideas about how to appropriate the finished work into other channels, for a higher purpose. At times the influx of imagery and ideas from social media can be too much!

Its crucial to separate the practice from the noise.  Especially on the beach with limited time and environmental limitations, I can be my best when I’m most present, most grateful, and making an effort to honor the place I am in.

– Ian